The well known painter Nikitas Flessas has a 40- year incessant presence in the Arts. On this occasion we organized and we present the «Tensions-Magnifications» exhibition with works from the last five years.
It is mainly about works of large dimensions, where the artist processes anew some of his favorite themes, like the enigmatic red portraits and the still lives, in a really emphatic way. In these works one can lucidly detect Flessas’s intention, not only to speak loudly about life, nature and love, but also to praise all these with an explosive glory.
Using the intensity of the extreme magnification and a blinding but always harmonic palette, Flessas totally subverts the illusion of realism. Strong outlines, golden fonts, extended color values and intense lighting lead to a dynamic painting result of great expressiveness.
Flessas, having creatively digested the most essential elements of modern art, once again verifies that he serves his personal property with consistency and effectiveness.
SKOUFA Αrt Gallery