1994 - The value of aesthetics

By combining various forms of iconic treatment of his subjects, the painter Nikitas Flessas achieves in an admirable manner a result which is pithily spare. Still lifes organised within the framework of a graphic art aesthetic approach are rendered realistically, assimilating the details generated by light at points chosen for their emotional charge; either because they are reminiscent semantically of nostalgia for the old and expensive item and at the same time for the atmosphere of whispers, aromas, and, above all, of the purity which accompany it, or because it is reminiscent of a familiar texture and function whose everyday value thrills the subtle and quiet pockets of our psyche. In their shades of deep blue and red, the works foster an arcane behaviour and conduct in the beholder, who experiences a feeling close to that generated by the stained glass of cathedrals or of the Byzantine wall-paintings of Orthodoxy. And to conclude: complete aesthetic cover is the culmination of visiting the works of Flessas, who is exhibiting until 22 April at the Ekphrasi Gallery.

A. Tentokali
     THESSALONIKI, 8 April 1994